Food and Dining Services

District Dining and Food Services are outsourced to Aladdin Valley Food Service and function as a service to the students, faculty, administration and staff by providing food and drinks. The Food Courts provide balanced and nutritious meals.  Hot and cold foods, snacks, hot and cold beverages coffee and breakfast items, sandwiches, soups and salads and many daily specials.

Locations & Hours of Operation

Currently All Dining LOcations are Closed due to Covid 19.

Nutritional Information

Subway Nutrition Information

Dunkin Donuts Nutrition Information

Catering Information


Contact your campus food service manager for catering needs:

Central Campus Dining Hall Manager | Linda Gonzalez | P: 954- 201-6459 | E:

North Campus Dining Hall Manager | P: 954-201-2042

South Campus Dining Hall Manager | P: 954-201-8335


*Only a fully completed function sheet is considered a contract for a catered event, any function sheet without the full information will be considered a quote and services will not be provided.