Student Life at Broward College

We're here to help Broward College students make the most of their Seahawk experience. Bringing together the people, and programs that support their growth, wellness, and success both within and outside of the classroom. Whatever your interests, you'll find a group, organization, activity, or program that appeals to you.

At Broward College our on-campus events are intentionally designed around the development of our students. Our programs are created to enhance the following eight areas of students’ well-being such as:

Broward College students are from various backgrounds with differing interests and passions. We here at Broward College want to make sure you have the information, resources, and support you need to succeed at Broward. Whether your interests are intellectual, social, spiritual, or physical, there is a place for you at Broward College.

Arts & Culture

Student life is about more than just hitting the books and attending classes. Thankfully, Broward College provides many opportunities to enjoy arts and culture. Special venues present concerts, lectures, plays, poetry, films and stargazing.

Athletics & Recreation

One of the best ways to connect to other Broward College students is through team sports. If you're an athlete looking for fun or if you want to become one, join an intramural team, or check out what Broward College Athletics has to offer you.

Health & Safety

Your safety and well-being are one of our highest priorities here at Broward College. We invest significant resources in a variety of activities and initiatives designed to increase security on our campus, increase your ability to make responsible decisions that enhance your well-being.

Clubs & Organizations

Take your education to the next level. Join a club to develop new skills, hone existing ones and demonstrate that you’ve got what it takes. As a Broward College student, you can choose from a variety of academic, career-oriented, cultural and social clubs and organizations. Choose one today and get ready to grow, shine and excel. Participate in team competitions, networking opportunities and social events.

Student Publications

Join our team of clever, hardworking, inspired and humble staff as they assemble Broward College’s award-winning, biweekly student newspaper, The Observer. Got a creative bent? Then Panku is the place for you. As the award-winning student literary/arts magazine of Broward College, we are devoted to promoting, encouraging and displaying your best creative work.

Office of the Student Ombudsperson

Students may submit concerns to the office of the Student Ombudsperson.