How to Succeed in Broward College’s Remote Learning and Online courses

This spring (classes start in January 2021), you can choose to take courses on-campus, through remote learning, or online. Based on your feedback, and out of an abundance of caution, most of our spring courses will be remote learning or entirely online. The College will also have more on-campus options that will follow CDC social distancing guidelines. Before you register this spring, please review the class notes to determine if your class is on-campus, remote learning, or online. Read the descriptions carefully to make sure you understand the difference between remote learning and online courses and the requirements for each class.

We have many resources, tips, and strategies for succeeding in remote courses and learning activities. Below are what we consider to be among the very best approaches, with links to additional resources to help you achieve your higher education goals. Above all, we are here for you! Please contact us as we all work together to rise to this unique challenge and get you to your dream career or transfer university!

All Student Services is currently remote. While very limited on-campus Student Services will resume January 11, 2021, please continue to use the Broward College QLess Kiosk or call 954-201-7350 for remote Admissions, Academic Advising, or Financial Aid assistance. Visiting campus for one of these services is not recommended and may result in longer than desired wait times.

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