South Computer Science and Business Lab

Building 72 | Room 225

The main purpose of the Computer Science and Business Lab is to provide academic assistance to all students taking CGS1060c, as well as any course in the OST and Business Departments. Our goal is to motive and help students to achieve academic success in the mentioned courses.

Our strategies for academic success are as follows:

  • A welcoming and positive and learning environment for our students.
  • We provide students with the latest technology to support their curriculums.
  • We offer skilled tutors who provide personalized assistance to help students to reinforce their knowledge and reach their academic goals.
  • We design orientations for the services our lab provides and for the usage of software, online platforms, and simulations such as MyITLab and SAM (Skills Assessment Manager).
  • Most importantly, we are here to serve you and guide you toward academic success. Regardless of your computer skills, we can help you gain confidence working with technology.
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Schedule an Appointment

Students can request an appointment to meet with a tutor.


All Academic Success Centers will operate virtually until further notice. Visit to schedule an online tutoring appointment. If you have utilized our services, we thank you for your support and welcome you to share your experience with us by completing our 30-second ASC Survey.