Photo ID Office

Important: As the campuses are currently closed, ID cards are currently not being issued. Students will still be able to access all of their academic needs and resources so long as they have their Student ID number.


How to Get Your Student ID Card:

Students must have paid for their classes in full at least two days prior to obtaining an ID. For students on the payment plan, the first payment must be received prior to getting an ID; for College Academy & Dual Enrollment, students must have registered for classes more than two days prior to obtaining an ID.

Lost/Stolen IDs

Did someone steal your BC student ID? Show us the police report or share your case number and we’ll replace it for free. If you lost your ID or can’t show proof that it was stolen, the replacement fee for a new one is $15.

Where to Go to Get Yours

Start taking advantage of Broward College student perks right now! Go to your nearest Student Life office to get an ID.

What You can Access with Your ID Card