New Student Orientation

Due to Covid-19, the Broward College staff is working remotely at this time to meet your collegiate needs. Students who fall under the First Time In College (FTIC) category will register for a remote A&R session starting on Wednesday, April 8 until further notice.

Congratulations Seahawk!

As of January 10, 2020, all new Broward College students must complete our new online orientation.

In order to access the orientation, you will need to have completed an online application to the college. If you have not already applied, please submit an application. The online orientation is designed to answer all your questions and is available for you to access at any time.  Let's get started on your online orientation and set you up for an Advising & Registration (A&R) session! You will need to implement the following steps:



Select one of these options at the Member Profile

Then select your home BC Campus.



Review and complete each module of the orientation. At the "Next Steps" module, select your student type:

As you read through the checklist of your student type, click on the hyperlink located at the very bottom of the page and follow the steps to register for your A&R.& Please note: if you're using Google Chrome, you can translate the orientation to the language of your preference.



Have you taken the SAT or ACT? If so, submit your scores. If not, or if you did not meet minimum requirements, you'll need to take the PERT test before you are able to register for orientation.

Read information about the PERT and testing hours.When you take the PERT or provide your eligible SAT and/or ACT scores, you will be able to register for orientation. You may also be exempt from placement testing. Check out how we determine this by clicking on exempt or not exempt.

Are you a degree-seeking student whose native or official language is not English? If so, you may be an EAP student. EAP students must take the LOEP test prior to registering for an A&R session. You can schedule a LOEP test appointment here.

Ready to start your online orientation? Log in to BC One Access. Your username and BC email address were sent to your personal email when you applied. You'll use your BC email address and the password you created at the end of your application to log in. You can start your orientation now then come back to it at any time to complete it.

Have questions about orientation or any other BC Admissions related requests? Please contact us at 954-201-7350 or chat with us online at