Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Students who believe they are the victims of sexual harassment or assault should see the dean of students on their campus/center:

Campus Dean Location Phone Number
Central Campus James Evans Building 19/132 954-201-6522
South Campus (WHC, Pines Center, Miramar, and Weston) Richard Louis Building 68/106 954-201-8932
North Campus/Online Luz Negron Alvarez Building 46/222 954-201-2300

Depending on the circumstances, students may also contact Campus Safety at 954-201-HELP (4357) and/or local law enforcement.

Inquiries/complaints may also be filed with the United States Department of Education:

Office for Civil Rights, Atlanta Office
U.S. Department of Education
61 Forsyth St. SW, Suite 19T70
Atlanta, GA 30303-8927

Responsible Employees
If a student wants to report an allegation of sexual misconduct to someone other than a Dean of Students, they are encouraged to speak with the Title IX Coordinator (see contact information below) or they may report allegations of sexual misconduct to any College "Responsible Employee". Broward College classifies Responsible Employees as all full-time faculty and staff, and part-time instructional faculty, athletic coaches, and security personnel. Responsible Employees are required to report the details of the allegation to the Title IX Coordinator. The Title IX Coordinator will consider requests for confidentiality on a case-by-case basis, but in instances where there is a continuing threat to the victim or to other persons, the request for confidentiality may not be granted.

Support for Students
The College will take immediate interim steps to protect the complainant and other impacted members of the College community pending the final outcome of the investigation. Interim measures are available to address safety as well as any hostile educational environment resulting from the alleged misconduct. These measures include, but are not limited to, changing an employee’s or student’s work schedule, altering the complainant’s or referred student’s course schedule or campus, allowing the withdrawal or retake of classes without penalty, academic support such as tutoring, student affairs support such as assistance with financial aid issues, visa, and immigration assistance, and the issuance of no-contact orders, assisting the student in notifying law-enforcement, recommending appropriate community support, recommending options for counseling, and assisting the student with initiating a College complaint and investigation regarding the allegation in accordance with applicable College policies. Interim measures are temporary and may be removed, enhanced, or otherwise altered upon final determination of the issue.

In instances where the referred person is not affiliated with the College, the College will take reasonable and appropriate steps to cooperate with other entities, including, but not limited to other colleges, community entities, and law enforcement, to ensure that the complainant is afforded the right to an education at the College free from sexual misconduct.

If the complainant wants to reveal an allegation of sexual misconduct to the dean of students but also wants to maintain confidentiality, the student should be aware that the College will consider the request, but cannot guarantee that the College will be able to honor it, and the complaint will be reported to the Title IX coordinator and an investigation will be initiated.

If the College does honor a student’s request for confidentiality, the student must understand the College’s ability to investigate and issue sanctions will be severely limited. Additionally, if the College believes that the reported incident poses a continuing threat to other persons, or if mandatory reporting is required by law, the College may not be able to honor the request for confidentiality.

Privileged Communication
The College does not directly employ staff who can provide students complete confidentiality in regards to complaints of sexual misconduct (sometimes known as "privileged communications," provided by pastoral counselors and mental health professionals). However, the College currently has a relationship with Henderson Student Behavioral Health who can provide confidentiality in accordance with the law.  Complainants should note that even privileged communication is limited by laws governing mandatory reporting of certain crimes.

Staff Perpetrator: If the alleged perpetrator is a member of the faculty or staff, the College will investigate in accordance with the Broward College policy governing the conduct of faculty and staff.

Student Perpetrator: If the alleged perpetrator is a student, the College will investigate in accordance with the Broward College policy governing the conduct of students.

Neil A. Cohen
Associate Vice President for Student Life & College Ombudsman
Title IX Coordinator

Broward College
3501 S.W. Davie Road
Davie, Florida 33314