Before recycling, always consider the 3 R’s of waste management. The three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – all help to reduce the amount of waste we throw away while conserving natural resources, landfill space, and energy. In turn, this saves land and money communities must use to create landfills to dispose of waste.

Benefits of Reducing and Reusing


Have items you no longer need? Wondering how to prevent them from ending up in a landfill when they could be repurposed into something useful? 

Below you'll find a list of the items and materials that are accepted for recycling on Broward College's Campuses as well as information about the organizations and staff members that facilitate these programs. With these programs 90% of our waste can be turned into materials we can use again! 

Single-Stream Recyclables 

Looking for a place to toss your single-stream recyclables?  

Recycle only these in Broward College blue bins:

Recycle these elsewhere (not at Broward College):


Broward College collects retired electronics from its campuses for recycling.

Staff can send work orders to Campus Facilities listing the objects, and stating “pick up for recycling”.

Students and employees can dispose of personal electronics through the Broward County environmentally-safe recycling program. Drop-off locations are city-operated.  Please check with your individual city for recycling guidelines, hours of operation and drop-off requirements. 

Personal Donation: 
Make a difference by donating your unwanted goods to organizations that can provide them to those in need. 


Ideas on How to Reduce and Reuse


Local Donation Centers:

Vietnam Veterans of America Inc. 

Women in Distress Thrift Store 

Kids in Distress Inc.

The Habitat for Humanity Reuse Store

Faith Farm Ministries

Junior League of Broward County Inc.

Books Behind Bars

Volunteers of America