Think Beyond The Books

Student life is about more than just hitting the books and attending classes. Thankfully, Broward College provides many opportunities to enjoy arts and culture. Special venues present concerts, lectures, plays, poetry, films and stargazing.

If you want to express yourself artistically, or experience the art, culture and performances of others, this is where you will expand your horizons and find what moves you.

Arts and Culture Student Events


Have a passion for art? Learn more a dive into an entire world dedicated to helping you sculpt your best work. 

Explore The Arts

easel filled with paint alongside a paintbrush


dark room filled with actors standing still

Pursue your dreams of being on stage and performing in stage plays, school production, and interactive college projects. Start your acting journey today!

Theater Locations

Have questions? We can help!

If you have any questions about cultural events, please contact the Office of Cultural Affairs and Student Engagement (CASE) using the Contact Us button or by calling (954) 201-8216.