BC Pride

BC Pride provides support to the college's LGBTQIA community through education and fostering a culture of inclusion. BC Pride is the premier resource for the LGBTQIA community at Broward College. We work towards educating and supporting Broward College Faculty, Staff, Administrators, and Students. Our goal is to raise awareness and provide support for the LGBTQIA population at the College.

Look for BC Pride photo albums here and check out the blog post for upcoming and past events.


BC Pride Scholarships - Full-time or part-time students earning a 2.5 GPA or higher, a member in good standing of Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) who has attended at least two GSA meetings. Awards for eligible full-time students = $1000 and part-time = $500. GSA faculty advisors are responsible for certifying eligibility by way of a letter provided to students. Be sure to indicate that you are a GSA Member on the scholarship application.

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The Broward College Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) mission is dedicated to raising Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, (LGBTQ+) awareness at the college and provide a support system for Broward College LGBTQ+ students and their Allies. The GSA is a student organization for students to socialize and serve the College and South Florida Community through volunteerism and collaboration with the LGBTQ+ community.


Central Campus

  • Building 4, 2nd Floor Restrooms (Rooms 212 and 217)
  • Building 8, 1st Floor Restrooms (Rooms 174 and 175)
  • Building 10, 2nd Floor Restroom (Room 218)

South Campus

  • Building 68, 2nd Floor Restrooms (Rooms 271 and 272)
  • Library Building 81, 1st Floor Restrooms (Room 112)

North Campus

  • Building 46, 2nd Floor Restrooms (Rooms 265 and 267)

Note: Gender-neutral restrooms may have signage reading "Family Restroom" or "Unisex Restroom."

Broward College offers several opportunities to support and be informed about the LGBTQIA+ community. BC Pride provides support to the college's LGBTQIA community through education and fostering a culture of inclusion. The LGBTQIA+ Network Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a peer group whose members come together to build a sense of belonging for LGBTQIA+ members through activities, communications, and employee bonding.


Transgender related information  

TransAction | Equality Florida (eqfl.org)

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TransSOCIAL, Inc.


Trans Student Pronouns 101

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LGBT Life Center Pronouns


Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students

Best Practices for Serving LGBTQ Students | Learning for Justice

Anatomy of an Ally

Anatomy of an Ally | Learning for Justice

10 Ways to Be an Ally & a Friend

10 Ways to Be an Ally & a Friend | GLAAD

Contact Us

GSA Central Campus
Laura Raymond | 954-201-6296 | lraymond@broward.edu
GSA North Campus
Melanie Gnaizda-Gilson | 954-201-2310 | mgnaizda@broward.edu
GSA South Campus
Robert Gallagher | 954-201-8921 | rgallagh@broward.edu


LGBTQIA+ Network
Preston Steele | dsteele@broward.edu

Andrew Dutka | adutka@broward.edu
BC PRIDE | bcpride@broward.edu