Student Life has many opportunities for you to Connect, Develop, and Soar. All it takes is for you to make the first step and get involved. We will return to on campus programming in August. We also continue to host virtual programs through various online platforms and on social media so you can participate off-campus if you choose to stay virtual.

Student Life is here to help you succeed in three steps: Connect, Develop and Soar!

From social and educational events to leadership and volunteer initiatives, we have many opportunities for you to stay connected and involved.

Opportunities, Resources, and Community

Student Life is all about holistic development, meaning we look at all aspects of your wellbeing when we plan our events. Our programs cover these 6 main learning themes:

Leadership, Inclusion, Service, Wellness, Explore, and Engagement

Engage with key resources on campus at our Welcome Week programs and resource fairs. Learn to Lead and Serve through a student organization, our Leadership in 60 series, and service projects. Be part of our rich and Inclusive culture by participating our heritage month celebrations throughout the year. We will address both your physical and mental well being through our Wellness programs, and help you Explore your future through career and personal discovery.

An involved student is a successful student, and there are many ways for you to get connected to the college. One way is to join a student club or organization. You can even start a new club!

Joining a Student Organization

  • Check out the most up-to-date list of student organizations online. You can also learn how to create one if it doesn't already exist.
  • Connect with the club or organization to learn about their meetings and events!

Clubs and organization offerings vary every semester. Click on the button below to see this year's active clubs!

Club Rosters

Student Life believes in promoting healthy student living. Our interactive workshops and activity classes are based on the Wellness Wheel, which includes 8 key areas of student development: Intellectual, Financial, Emotional, Spiritual, Occupational, Physical, Environmental, and Social.

The Activity Center serves as a multipurpose room where we host other events such as student events, meetings, guest speaker series, game nights and more.

The North and South Campus offer a student lounge area, a place where you can relax in between classes and connect with other students. Here, you will find pool tables, gaming consoles, board games, and more.

We look forward to your visit!

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Students have access to intramural sports; campus fitness center; student activity center; Academic Success Center (ASC); Buehler Planetarium & Observatory; music, theatre, dance performances, & art exhibits; Dental & Vision clinics; pay-for-print system; U/C Library.

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