The Seahawk Summer Academy (also referred to as summer bridge) does not have a separate application process. Students need to complete successfully the Broward College Admission processes and be cleared of all holds. The specific Seahawk Summer Academy classes are available and posted on this website. Students will follow the same deadline they will follow for any other BC Course. We recommend that students ensure they have all required documentations on file by June 21st to ensure they are able to register for Summer Session 3 classes .

Simply register for the seahawk summer academy courses accessible by clicking on the "Seahawk Summer Academy Class Schedule" link on the left pane.

The College uses Financial Aid office to award the 4-credit Summer Academy scholarships to eligible students.

Students do not need to have financial aid clearance at the federal level. However, they will need to be admitted into the college just like any other student and meet the eligibility criteria listed on our home page. We recommend that all students fill out a Broward College financial aid scholarship application if they want to be considered for other scholarship opportunities. Visit the Financial Aid home page for more details

Students are responsible to ensure that Broward College receive their official High School transcripts by the first day of classes (Session 3). It is very important for the 4-credit scholarship recipients. Since the courses run over Summer-Session 3, the turnaround time can be very close to their high school graduation. In that case, we recommend that enrolled students communicate often with their academic advisor to ensure that the College receive their transcripts as soon as possible to retain their scholarship awards.

Yes, the Summer Academy courses run only over session 3 in the summer term. Session 3 courses typically start in June. Remember, classes are available on all 3 campuses (North, South and Central Campuses).

Anticipating this challenge we made sure to select courses that our students will need (see our course schedule page)

The office of recruitment usually send out notifications to prospective high school students and holds various recruiting events for interested students.

Once students are admitted and enrolled, the Office of Student Achievement Initiatives monitors registrations into the listed Summer Academy courses to ensure students are register for both courses within a cohort. Once registered, our office will contact the students to welcome them to the summer bridge and provide them with information regarding orientations, field trips, closing award ceremony R.S.V. P. etc.

COVID-19 Updates

Summer 2020 Session III courses (along with Sessions I & II) will be offered via Remote Learning and Fully Online using Broward College's Desire2Learn (D2L) platform. The decision was made in consideration of protecting the health and safety of students and employees while maintaining academic continuity.

Desire2Learn or D2L is the online platform Broward College uses to deliver your online classes. To learn more about D2L and for tutorials check out our helpdesk.

To request a laptop, you must submit a request using the link below. Please note inventory is limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Request a loaner laptop

Your professor will contact you on your Broward College Office 335 student email or on your D2L student email.

Most professors will email you directly on D2L email platform, so it is important that you check both emails. Review the tutorial on how to check your student emails on Office 365 and D2L.